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Research indicates that Cinnamon reduces the amount of insulin necessary for glucose metabolism. Ground but not McCormick Spice, Not flavorings.

Research in Britain has determined that evening primrose oil may help in treating PMS, mastalgia, multiple sclerosis, atopic eczema, some diabetes conditions, and cardiovascular disease. Many women who suffer from PMS have lower levels of GLA, which is gama-linolenic acid. Evening primrose oil may help this by adding GLA to the body, offering relief to mood swings, headaches, sore breasts, and other symptoms of PMS. Good Weight Loss Programs Causes

Loss of Concentration

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Poet Saji Karingola Talks About ‘marinayile Prathimakal’ | MalayalamClip.com

Poet Saji Karingola Talks About ‘marinayile Prathimakal’

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